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Experience the Next Level of non-Custodial DeFi
Why you want GUARDIIAN™ Multichain Wallet: Safety, Security, Reliability, Compatibility

[Experience a Full Feature Decentralized Web3 Wallet]
Uniquely and fully supported by the BIIO-Metaverse™ Eco System.

GUARDIIAN Wallet™ — is not just an ordinary digital wallet — it’s a game-changing BIIO-Metaverse Eco System Platform that empowers you to earn R.E.A.L.™ Technology rewards while safeguarding your privacy.

With our cutting-edge technology and unique features, you can securely manage your R.E.A.L.™ assets and other cryptocurrencies, while unlocking a world of exciting possibilities. GUARDIIAN Wallet™ is the ultimate crypto companion that never stops Giving/Receiving through R.E.A.L.™ Technologies.

The BIIO-Metaverse™ Eco System required an entirely supportive backbone to provide the ultimate User Experience (UX), with a User Interface (UI) that couldn’t be beat, and it’s easy to see how we’ve absolutely achieved it.

GUARDIIAN Wallet™ has taken the best of the best wallets and combined them into one highly organic Mega wallet – that “Pays you to use it!” And Big! Who does that? Who can? That’s R.E.A.L.™ Technology at its finest. And we incorporate this directly into, and throughout, the entire GUARDIIAN™ brand and BIIOSPHERE™ Metaverse Eco System.

To Infiniity - and Beyond!
Starting with the M.A.R.S. Gaming platform, and throughout the entire BIIOVERSE™ Eco System, serious rewards and ultimate engaging UX is our number one priority. After all, no one wants a mediocre experience, or payout, and we have our Multi-Patent Pending R.E.A.L.™ Technology to assure our community that they have the absolute best possible outcomes in their favor.
The GUARDIIAN Wallet™ purposefully supports our unique EQUIIUS™ Bilateral currencies.

The GUARDIIAN Wallet™ purposefully supports our unique EQUIIUS™ Bilateral currencies, as well as the entirety of the BIIO-Metaverse™ Eco System, particularly the R.E.A.L.™ Technologies Monetization System.

The basis of and for this unique Wallet application, the R.E.A.L. Platform, and corresponding Cryptocurrency is a Multi-Industry Disruptive Technology, simple in concept, extreme in impact, and absolutely consequential in the Socio-Economic, Socio-Commerce, Socio-Finance spheres.

In The Practical Order

From a practical perspective, the metrics and scope of the BIIOVERSE™ Eco System, as a whole, is as astonishing as it is groundbreaking. The purpose of the Bilateral currencies and our corresponding Wallet is to provide a stability and organic global economic application, something that the cryptocurrency sphere and DeFi industry has been unable to accomplish. 

Our GUARDIIAN Wallet™ assures a solid and reliable continuity of architecture throughout the BIIOVERSE™ Eco System Platform.

And although this may sound hard to believe, we literally PAY YOU to use the GUARDIIAN™ Wallet! – through our revolutionary R.E.A.L.™ Platform (multi-Patent Pending) Technology. 

Several contiguous Platforms are currently under construction development throughout the BIIOSPHERE™ BIIOVERSE™ Eco System. Our GUARDIIAN Wallet™ is one of the cornerstones of this entire System.

The R.E.A.L. Platform and its unique multi-Patent Pending foundation of the  BIIOVERSE will enable the highest level and quality of development for all the various components of this truly remarkable and revolutionary System.  

GUARDIIAN Wallet™ is your gateway to a more fully enriching experience into and out of the BIIOVERSE™. Stay tuned for R.E.A.L.™ progress.

EARTHX Corporation’s™ commitment to a healthy ecology and economy through the ETHOS™ BIIOSPHERE™ BIIOVERSE™ and R.E.A.L.™ technologies is the foundation of all our development and investment; our investment ultimately in humanity, our future, and the quality of life for all future generations to come.